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4 Renovations to Increase the Value of Your Property
Category: advice
Date: 2022-05-17
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Property Improvements to Ensure Your Home Sells

If you want the value of your property to increase like fine wine paired with aged cheese, then you’re going to have to give it a bit of renovation love. Because you can’t expect to sell your property for more than you bought it for, home improvements are the best way to increase the value of your property when potential buyers come knocking.

Here are 4 Renovation and Home Improvements to Consider Before Selling

1. Eye-Catching Curb Appeal

While any real estate agent will tell you that the pictures of your listing will be your buyer’s important first impression, having an attractive exterior can ensure you seal the deal. Making your property looks attractive from the outside requires more effort than simply painting the walls and cleaning the windows. When it comes to curb appeal, most buyers will have something to say about the state of your lawn too. It pays to do a little landscaping and lawn maintenance to guarantee your prospective buyers are utterly impressed when first entering your premises.

Taking House Pictures Before Selling

2. Beautify the Bathrooms

An attractive bathroom is something almost every buyer pays immediate attention to. If you’ve had your property for several years (or decades), then your bathroom could probably do with some minor upgrades. Changing outdated fixtures and replacing old tiles with on-trend ones are some things to consider when making home improvements to ensure your home sells. Another renovation that can significantly increase the value of your property is adding another bathroom to the house. Homes with only a single bathroom don’t sell for nearly as much as properties with two or more. If you have the space to do so, adding a bathroom can increase your asking price.

3. Space and Storage Enhancements

While the storage in your home may be perfectly suited to your needs, ample space and storage solutions are high in the list for people looking to buy. Now that’s not to say you need to purchase more cabinets or wall units. In fact, removing some furniture items can be a far more effective improvement to ensure your home sells. When you put your property on the market, consider renting some off-site storage space to keep a few of your furniture items until you move. This will allow you to present your house as more open and spacious, while letting potential buyers imagine what their own pieces will look like instead.

4. Clean the Canvas

You may be the type of home owner who enjoys unique colored walls, interesting light fixtures, and injecting your own personality onto the other design elements of your home. But because you can’t tell whether someone prefers tea or coffee – let alone a purple dining room – making the space more neutral can help increase the value of your property. Ensure that your walls, skirtings, and ceilings are clean, and consider painting each room in complementary light and neutral colors.

Repaiting the House in Light Colors

If you’re looking to sell your home sometime soon – and need some more advice on what renovations can increase the value of your property – Broker One can help. Get in touch with us today and we’ll not only help you make the necessary improvements, but we can even assist in selling your house too.

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