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Tech Services

We are opening part of our internal services for external usage to provide advanced experience for your websites.
Our services
Broker System
Basement of IDX website and leads management
RESO/RETS Synchronization
RESO/RETS dataset synchronization right into your local PostgreSQL database
Advanced API
Data for your analytics and webpages, like statistics, estimations, trends, etc.

Broker System

System to manage your website content, create and manage users, process incoming leads, feedbacks.

  • Users, content and leads management
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Email notifications

Вы агент?

Станьте партнером Broker One, чтобы получить эксклюзивных потенциальных клиентов, потрясающую командную культуру и личную поддержку брокера.

RESO/RETS synchronization

We are providing our synchronization service to bypass Bridge (Zillow) rate limitations, increase loading speed and simplify development. You will have own synchronized PostgreSQL database, which you can manage, scale and tweak.

  • Use own database instead of external API
  • Support of both RESO and legacy RETS connections
  • Daily synchronization
  • Option to use our hosted database

Advanced API

We provide access to our aggregative data service. This is very useful, for example, to check sale estimates for a property, generate statistics, or check market trends for a specified area.

  • Area statistics
  • Area trends
  • Property estimates