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Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami

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400 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

Downtown Miami
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Perhaps, each of us at least once wanted to feel our involvement in something special, to something great, to touch history, to stand out from the crowd. The house is by no means an exception in this regard. It's no secret that celebrities are buying real estate in Miami for fabulous money, but we offer you an option that is more affordable and at the same time much more fundamental and significant than the house of a star of one generation. This is one of the most outstanding - literally and figuratively - buildings in the main metropolis of Florida

History of the Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts is one of Hilton's iconic hotel brands. Its history began back in 1893 in New York with the only hotel popularly nicknamed "The Greatest of All". But it was not he who glorified the Astor clan, but two hotels in the city center, built by the great-grandchildren of the founder of the dynasty. The first built a hotel and named it "Waldorf" - in honor of his great-grandfather's hometown. He became so popular that his brother built his hotel, Astoria, wall to wall. Later, both buildings were connected by a corridor and the hotel was named "Waldorf-Astoria". And years later, another nickname was assigned to it - "the presidential hotel", because from the day of its opening, every president of the United States stayed in Waldorf-Astoria. But it is not for this building that it is called "the greatest of all the giants", but the brand has received worldwide recognition. 
Room service is what has revolutionized the hotel industry. What we are accustomed to today (maids and daily cleaning of rooms) was a breakthrough and innovation of the Astors. Unprecedented service - this is what the Waldorf Astoria Hotels were noted for at the beginning of the last century. It is the service that distinguishes each erected building belonging to the chain, and the Waldorf Astoria Miami has taken its special place in the list of the brand's achievements.

'Outstanding' Waldorf-Astoria heritage in downtown Miami

Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Apartments Miami can be safely called the brightest star in the architectural sky of Miami. The unique building was handcrafted by world renowned Carlos Ott in collaboration with Sieger Suarez Architects, an agency that is a leader in the design and construction of luxury residential high-rises. And this tandem managed to build a truly revolutionary residential skyscraper! The building resembles a pyramid of cubes, unevenly stacked on top of each other, and as if balancing on an invisible core-base. At 1,049 feet and 100 stories tall, this building is Miami's tallest tower and first ultra-tall skyscraper. Outstanding parameters, isn't it?
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This architectural masterpiece of 9 glass cubes is located along Biscayne Bay, in Downtown, considered the heart of Miami and recognized as the most fashionable area. The whole business life of the city is concentrated here, there are first-class hotels, restaurants with a variety of cuisine, including the Garcia Seafood Grille, known for its excellent seafood dishes and the best lime pie in all of Florida (according to visitors). In addition, this area is famous for its developed cultural life and the best medical facilities. In a word, the entire infrastructure of the city will be at your arm's length.

Zest of the Waldorf Astoria Miami

The fact that the Waldorf Astoria Miami belongs to the world famous hotel chain defines the characteristics of the building itself. Its 205 apartments are guest apartments and are located in the lower part, which is reserved for the hotel, while the remaining 360 are luxury residential residences. But of course, not all 100 floors are housing stock. The Waldorf Astoria Miami complex in the best traditions continued the brand's philosophy, which sounds like 'life is unforgettable' and therefore you can find absolutely everything here to fully enjoy life. Floors 1-39 are the hotel grounds, combined with various zones of amenities and services, to which the residents of the complex will also have full access.
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From the first floor you enter the artfully created atmosphere of luxury and splendor. This is where the guest lobby and the hotel reception are located, all in the classic, elegant style of Astoria. And on several floors above there is a lobby and a lounge area for residents of the complex, as well as a separate lounge area for their guests, a billiard room and a correspondence department. The hotel rooms are located on the next 6 floors, and above them are a large and small dance halls and an equipped conference room. One floor above is the so-called ‘peacock alley’, named after its famous predecessor, the very corridor connecting the two hotel buildings, along which New York women of fashion loved to stroll. On the adjacent floors you will find a library, a bridal boutique, a bar, a wine tasting room and a restaurant with signature cuisine (by the way, did you know that the famous Waldorf salad appeared within the walls of Waldorf Astoria?), A delicatessen shop and a meeting room, and also a huge private pool, spa area and fitness studio. In fact, the list is provided. The services offered are even wider, but the most important thing that you need to know is that any of them are provided with the highest level inherent exclusively in Waldorf Astoria, because this is the main distinguishing mark of the brand.
We rise higher and now from 40 to 89 floors we enter the territory of private residences, and all the upper floors were given over to penthouses. And we want to remind you that these are not just luxury penthouses in the city center, they are the highest-located apartments currently available in Miami. You will have an exclusive opportunity to live practically in the clouds.

Design and decoration

Let's take a walk around the future home? The Waldorf Astoria Miami Residential Estate offers 1-2-3-4-room apartments ranging from 516 to 12,300 square meters of your choice. These are spacious, bright rooms with stylish furnishings, fully furnished and equipped with the latest technology. In the design of the kitchens, Italian furniture and household appliances Sub-Zero / Wolf were used, and the island of the chef was designed so that any movement during the cooking process was as comfortable as possible. In the bedrooms, as in all other living quarters, pastel colors, close to natural, prevail. They help to create a feeling of naturalness and tune in to peace, which is so important at the end of the working day, when you want to relax and unwind. Bathrooms are spa-inspired, with smooth marble surfaces dominating, moisture-resistant woods have been used for furniture, and all plumbing and fittings are custom made from Dornbracht and Duravit. The cherry on top is a spacious terrace with breathtaking views of the city, bay and ocean. Just try to imagine what views will open from such a height! Note that the design of all apartments was made by BAMO, the winner of numerous awards in the field of design and decoration of residential premises. It was their idea to make all storage furniture recessed, so that the cabinets ‘do not eat up’ the space and the fresh sea air flows freely through the rooms, creating an invisible but tangible connection between the sky and the ocean.

Technological solutions

As we have already said, a stay at Waldorf Astoria has always been associated with an almost irrational level of comfort, so high is the level of service provided here. By purchasing an apartment in the Waldorf Astoria Miami residential complex, you also acquire an exclusive set of services that will make your life as easy and convenient as possible. Each residence is equipped with the Savant premium technology system, designed specifically for the Waldorf Astoria Miami, which allows hosts with one touch of a finger through a dedicated application to access a range of services: table reservations, 24-hour room service, car reservations, concierge services, parcel delivery service. and even a dog walking service. You will also be able to control lighting and even sound through automatic audio-visual settings and control air conditioning and heating systems. In fact, you will have personal control over all technical components and the ability to build personal settings for your own level of comfort and enjoyment of life.
Imagine that every day you will return not just to your apartment, but to the most desirable place in the world, to a house with its own history, but at the same time modern, stylish, with impeccable service and a special atmosphere. This is the place where you want to be and live the most significant moments. This place is the Waldorf Astoria Miami

Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami Documents

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400 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

Property Information

General Characteristics
• All apartments are fully equipped and furnished
• Modern lighting including recessed lighting, controls and dimmers
• 10ft (residences) and 14ft (penthouses) floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning views of the city, Miami Beach and the Atlantic Ocean
• Spacious terraces or balconies depending on the apartment
• Valet parking included in the price
• Custom made Italian furniture BAMO
• Built-in Subzero & Wolf appliances, which include a microwave, dishwasher, oven, fridge / freezer and wine cabinet
• Rain shower in all bathrooms
• Custom made Italian washbasins and baths; wall-mounted toilets TOTO
• Duravit sanitary ware and Dornbracht accessories
Technologies used
• Innovative smart home technology with a customizable Waldorf Astoria Residences application that provides access to 24/7 concierge services and the rest of the range of services
• Adjusting natural light with automatic window treatment
• Full control of the central heating and air conditioning system
Building Info and Prices
• Price Range: $700,000 - $5,000,000
• Total Units: 400
• Delivery Year: 2024
• Floors: 98

Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami building is located at address 400 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132.

  • The Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami building is located in the Downtown Miami neighborhood.

  • The Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami building belongs to the following categories: New Construction, Luxury.