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10 Tips on Finding the Right Home for You

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Are you looking for a home to buy? Finding your dream house is both a commitment and an emotional process. A house is the largest single purchase you can have in your lifetime. An investment of this magnitude will make you wonder whether you’ve searched well and found the right home. You may have been looking at homes online and viewing them in person. Finding something that fits all your needs and requirements is a constant challenge.
But, how would you know that you have finally found your dream house? What are the signs?
First, look for a property that resonates with your personality and lifestyle and will fit within your budget. In addition, you must be strategic, realistic, and practical when facing several options before making that ONE final important decision. Don’t rush into a decision that you will regret doing later on. Living in a house you do not like is frustrating, so be detailed and thorough in choosing. Carefully plan everything as buying a home entails ownership which is a long-term commitment for most of us. Decide on how you’ll live, not on where you’ll live.
Below are some indications and expert tips that will help you streamline your search. These are surefire indicators that will prompt you to see the property that stands out - the right one for you.

1. You have a strong connection with the home

Remember the saying, “First impressions last”? They are valid for homeowners seeking a new home, too. You may feel a tug in your heart or a fleeting thought of happiness when you see the lovely photos in the listing. Or it could bring you down the memory lane as you spent summers in your vacation home or grandparents’ house of your childhood days. The house could be ‘it’ as it evokes happy feelings and pleasant memories. As you check the pictures and see how aesthetically attractive it is, you can’t wait to see it yourself. But it would be best if you also viewed it from a functional viewpoint. When aesthetics and function blend well together to suit what you need, your next step is to check the actual property.
When you walk into a house that looks good on paper, some homes may lack the curb appeal and are not suitable for you, thus, leaving you with a dreary feeling on the visit.
Once you find the best home for you, you will most likely be eager to see what the house has to offer.
Feeling of Сonnection with Home

2. You’re excited to go and tour the house

Are you ready to go and tour the house? That could signal that the property’s vibe matches your energy. Once you park on the curb and see the home’s exterior, imagine going inside and outside with your family. How do you feel – does it satisfy you? Are you motivated to go inside? Does the house embrace you as you enter?
About 3 seconds after entering the property, you may be able to find the answers and validate your feelings. Once there's a feeling of warmth and comfort, the house is inviting you to go on and explore it. As you check every room, please pay attention to what you can sense or what impressions they have on you. This looks like your home when you feel happy and relaxed.

Some questions you may consider:

• Do you visualize yourself and your family living here?
• Do you like the structure and layout?
• Are you comfortable and pleased in each room, specifically the bathroom and the kitchen? (Check if the things you need are rightfully placed and if they fit your needs. Know that these two rooms are the most expensive to upgrade or expand).
• How do you see yourself watching TV in the living room or whipping a dish in the kitchen?
• Are you thinking already of repainting the walls with a new shade or maybe adding some elements or accessories to make the home more personal for you?

3. The home fits your lifestyle

All in all, when the home seamlessly fits your lifestyle – then that’s it, the right home! The place is convenient for your kids’ school, your workplace, and near your parents’ and in-laws’ homes, too. It provides some bonus for you: storage, a crafts room, or a home gym. It could be the house that gives you the privacy you need and the sanctuary you want from all the hustle and bustle of the city.
You could have found the one when some amenities are lacking but primarily meets your basic specifications. It has ticked most of those "musts" in your list. In case you can work out some extra spaces, if needed in the future, like a more oversized garage, for example.
If you feel that the lacking features are not as significant, and you can be flexible, these are indications that the property is the one for you.

4. You imagine your life there

Once you plan and the positive signs are there, you have found your dream property. Have a tour around the house, and you will begin to imagine repeatedly comparing the layout, front yard, or different rooms to one particular home; that means it may be the one for you. You may even visualize the various furniture and appliances. Then, as you check each room, you wonder where to put each item or stuff like the bed beside the windows or the spot in the family room where you can position the tall Christmas tree.
You must make one excellent and worthy purchase that will fit your current lifestyle. Would you see yourself residing in this home for 5 or 10 years? Or even more than that? If the property you're looking at seems to be a 'good fit' in your future life, that could be your home. When doing a house search, it is also critical to factor in your plans.
The Сouple Imagines Life in a New Home

5. You are taking it as your ‘standard’

Suddenly, all the other places you've looked at will no longer appeal to you. Instead, the right house will become the standard that you hold for all other homes — and all of them fall short.
Finding the perfect home means stopping to look at the rest. Whether this happens on the first, the fourth, or the last home you visited – you know you found the home as it becomes the standard where you measure all the other houses. Imagine repeatedly comparing the layout, front yard, or different rooms to one particular home; that means it may be the ONE for you. The other properties would no longer appeal as much to you. The right house becomes your standard as this home ends your search.

6. You are eager to show off and defend your house

So, you are now excited to snap some photos and send them to your parents, siblings, or friends. You eagerly tell them how this house fits your requirements and needs. You even go further - showing and pointing out to them where your intended room is, what furniture you adore best, etc. You’re already planning to return and take along your best friends or your favorite sister or brother with you so they can check it out, too. You’re smitten and can’t wait to live in the new house. It must be so reassuring!
On the other hand, do you have feelings of being protective or defensive once the real estate agent points out some imperfections or gives negative comments about the house? For instance, he is saying, “you should tear down this portion since it looks awkward,” or “the carpet should be more updated,” and more. He must be stating just a fact or observation, but if you find yourself answering him back and defending the house, it looks like another sign that you are taking the home as if it’s already yours. While the negatives just slipped away, you take all the positive elements in this house and may even consider future projects to handle.
Showing Off a New House

7. You can afford to buy it since it is within your budget

Finding a property that you know is affordable is important, which means you can make the mortgage payments.
If the house you want will cause you to work two or three jobs, or tire you beyond regular work schedules, know that this is not for you. The right home should bring comfort and peace of mind and not remind you of the high mortgage you have to pay.
 With all your requirements considered, you might visit a house with a price point within your budget. However, these three conditions have to apply. First, the mortgage should not exceed 30% of your monthly salary. Second, it would be best if you do not deplete your savings. Third, you would not incur immediate and unexpected expenses that will affect your budget. (Ensure that the roofing, plumbing, and air-conditioning systems are in excellent condition).

8. You love the location and neighborhood

Location is an essential factor when choosing a home property. We all want to live in a great neighborhood. If it makes you feel at ease and comfortable when you make a home visit in a peaceful and clean community, then that may be the sign that you have found the right home. Conversely, if you feel uneasy with what you see, perhaps, it’s a “no-go.’ A new home is a place you want to feel safe.
In addition, if the property is near your workplace and other modern conveniences like schools, hospitals, banks, and supermarkets - the better for you and your family. Finally, you weigh in the recreational activities of your children, your proximity to your family and friends, and the crime rate in the area.
You should check out all the available amenities that the location offers. Remember that you will join a small community as you buy the property, which will become your home.
Location and Neighborhood of Right House

9. You can see its potential

As your property matches the majority of your “should haves,” you would still need to plan for some things to compromise. Maybe you must put new hardwood floors or bring bright accents to the patio, like colorful throw pillows. These potentials will make your house more charming, and in doing so, the family members will love the changes. Looking into the possibilities means the manageable aesthetic or functional improvements you may undertake once you are settled in the new house. Not too much work to be done since if it were, then it would be a burden later on.

10. You are not looking for other options

Finding your dream home - oh, well, to fall in love with the right person is a similar feeling. When you’ve met your soulmate, you are sure he is the one you want to spend your life with forever. As in house-hunting, the same is true. You do not wish to visit other options since they no longer appeal to you. You are bent on pushing for your choice, so the mere thought of looking for more houses is nil. But when you try checking out other properties, you can see they’re not up to your standards. You already have an idea of the house you want and nothing can satisfy you more. So, you want to push through with buying it, own it, and live in it.
Once you’ve found the right home, what’s next? Just be cautious and decisive and treat it as a time-sensitive matter. Trust your instinct - if every thought in your mind points to buying the house, go for it. Be prepared for what’s ahead as you move into your new place, your HOME….at last!
Do you need help as you search for your house? How would you like to explore the homes in your location or other areas? We can help you navigate the local market and find the right home for you.
Please get in touch with us at Broker One for assistance.
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