How to Plan an Outdoor Movie Night
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Date: 2020-07-23
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See the stars in your own backyard ... on your DIY big screen, that is.


In the height of summer, your backyard or porch is headquarters for family time and date night alike. Combine both, and cue up a movie on your DIY movie screen for a staycation highlight.

A bedsheet or table cloth affixed to a fence or wall plays projection screen, and your at-home projector makes movie magic.

Setting up a snack station with seasoned popcorn and traditional concession stand candies will win over guests of all ages.


IMG_1886 small


Creating a homemade touch is a nice way to personalize the experience. Gather a few common household materials — canvas dropcloth, painters’ tape, fabric-safe paint and a roller — and you can craft a custom blanket that feels expensive but only costs a few dollars. The stripes lend a nautical look that let this throw pull double duty as a beach blanket or picnic spread.


IMG_1728 small


Whether you choose action, comedy or thriller, your backyard movie night is sure to be a hit.


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