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Why Residents Are Nuts About Coconut Grove
Category: Lifestyle
Date: 2022-08-14
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One of the Best Places to Live in Florida – Hands Down

Jennifer Lopez. Ricky Martin. Matt Damon. Shakira. Countless celebrities own homes in Miami, but which neighborhoods are the best? Coconut Grove is #1 for people who crave a quirky suburban mix in their daily lives, coupled with one of the city’s lowest crime rates. Are you looking to buy or rent in Coconut Grove? Here are 7 reasons why locals LOVE this neighborhood – and why we know you will too.

1. Safety

It’s no secret that Coconut Grove is one of the safest places to live in Miami. Not only do the police control and patrol the area 24/7, but the Grove is also filled with gated communities and walled homes for that added layer of safety. Coconut Grove offers the highest possible form of protection for families, and the fact that the area has one of the lowest crime rates in Miami is a bonus. Most people walk to and from local restaurants for dinner, and kids ride their bikes to school, worry-free.

2. Lush Landscape

Situated on the edge of the City of Miami, Coconut Grove is a truly magical place of creativity and eccentricity. Artists, writers, and musicians wonder the lush green landscapes, soaking up the sun that shines bright on the pristine land and crystal-clear waters.

Coconut Grove Landscape

3. Humility

While Coconut Grove is indeed trendy and breathtaking, its people aren’t driven by having the latest brand names and designer handbags. The Coconut Grove community cares about comfort, quality of life, safety, and – of course – great food. And you’ll find all of this and more in this spectacular Miami neighborhood.

4. Lifestyle

Coconut Grove features an impressively varied range of restaurants and coffee shops. Locals and tourists enjoy a laidback lifestyle that feels like a permanent holiday. Many describe this Miami neighborhood as a small town city with a “big city vibe”,  filled with friendly faces, easy access to the beach, and ease of walkability wherever you go.

5. Diverse Housing Market

The Grove is mostly filled with single-family residences, many of which were built in the 1930s and ‘40s. These spacious older properties are a part of the City’s history, and calling one home gives you access to a classic piece of architecture built from concrete – and built to last. This Miami neighborhood’s more modern properties, apartments, and condos showcase an eclectic mix of modern and Mediterranean architecture.

6. Nightlife

When the sun sets on Coconut Grove, residents can mostly be found wining and dining at the neighborhood’s varied local restaurants and cafés. Those in search of bars and clubs normally flock to South Beach, which is a mere 15-20 minute drive away. Even closer is the Downtown Financial District, a mere 7-10 minutes from Coconut Grove. 

Coconut Grove Nightlife

7. The Development Renaissance

Coconut Grove recently experienced an influx of new shopping and dining options, with CocoWalk being a prime example. This upscale shopping center offers visitors a luxurious open-air experience, with top eateries, pizzerias, and even a music school.

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