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You must have heard of the picturesque and lush gardens of Pinecrest. This town features stunning tree-lined thoroughfares, elegantly-designed homes on huge lots, and a warm, friendly, and safe vibe. Pinecrest is a comfortable suburban neighborhood in Miami-Dade County – a small but welcoming one. Although it is within easy reach of a nearby popular area like downtown Miami, still it exudes calm, peaceful surroundings – less traffic and city bustle. The local government pushes for strict implementation of zoning and advocates for an environment-friendly community. This has made Pinecrest what it is today – clean, tidy, and orderly. The bonus is its beautifully landscaped gardens – a testament to how refreshing the overall backdrop of the village is.

If you’re looking for a neighborhood where social events and community gatherings are common, Pinecrest is a very good choice. It always encourages family time as members bond together in interesting activities. 
Pinecrest is consistently on top of the most affluent neighborhoods as it has a certain appeal to the well-off, perhaps, since it is quite near the downtown. This family-friendly community is a much sought-after location for a residence where most houses are single-family homes on wide, spacious lots. 

You would love Pinecrest for: 

Stunning Homes and Streets 
The most obvious attribute of this neighborhood is the presence of several beautiful and elegant homes, not to mention the attractive streets. There are both luxurious and modest homes here with different architectural styles, the most common of which are the neo-colonial and Mediterranean. You’ll find the community breathtaking with its quiet and tree-lined streets. A nature lover’s paradise – you can see the same type of trees in most houses and the streets, too.

Clean and Green Community 
 Do you know what locals are most proud of here? Pinecrest is one of the cleanest communities around the country and this is largely an effort of the local government. It has initiated the maintenance of cleanliness of the surroundings, plus keeping it green all the time. These initiatives have been there for several years now, even decades. All the residents are conscious of their duties in keeping the community safe, clean, and green. Green activities refer to proper waste disposal, waste reduction, and recycling in the neighborhood.

Family-Oriented & Kid-Friendly Environment 
If you are family-oriented and care about your kids, then Pinecrest is the perfect place for you. Several parks, leisure venues, and community programs aimed at families and kids are all here. You can enjoy your time bonding with loved ones at many family activities like picnics at parks as well as watching events and concerts at the town’s amphitheater. The parks are kid-friendly and have playgrounds where kids can enjoy and socialize with other children. Sports also is encouraged here since it brings one to a more active lifestyle.

Community-Centered Activities
When you imagine a suburban setting in its tranquility, you would think of Pinecrest. This place puts so much emphasis on community and social events where most families can participate and enjoy. Some of these activities are music festivals, farmers’ markets, and more. 
The locals and residents are never wanting in community and family-oriented activities such as sports: tennis, kayaking, and baseball. The adults enjoy their affairs like engaging in horticulture seminars, cooking, wine tasting, and more.

Peaceful & Friendly Neighborhood
Families move to Pinecrest simply because of the peace and friendly vibes it connects to people. Most locals and residents are so open and welcoming to new neighbors. A good neighborhood to be in, the quietness of the surroundings is due to the strict implementation of the community laws, most importantly, zoning. The majority of the residents comply with the town’s rules and regulations. It helps that proximity to downtown Miami and Coral Gables is enough to make it easy for them to have the city’s modern conveniences.

A Bit to Zero Nightlife
Some may not like it, but most families want a safe and peaceful neighborhood so this works to their advantage. There’s less noise and possibly, late-night uproars that would bother people already sleeping in their own homes. As there are almost no bars around, the laws are also strictly enforced so that noise disturbances are dealt with accordingly. 


Pinecrest is a community in Miami-Dade County. It is suitably located south of Miami International Airport and downtown Miami. It is quite a small but posh suburban village, a sanctuary type of home and houses here are some of the most sought-after properties in Miami. Pinecrest is easily popular as one of the most livable and beautiful residential locations to live in this part of South Florida. This warm community is also nearby another popular neighborhood, Coral Gables.

Lifestyle, Arts and Culture

Pinecrest is lined with pedestrian-friendly and quiet streets – perfect for just walking and biking. Many residents and locals do get by around the village on this mode. A free bus called The Pinecrest People Mover is a convenient connection to local business centers, schools, and the Metrobus transport terminal. As many locals and residents commute around downtown Miami mostly on weekdays, it will take no longer than 20 minutes, but with the notorious South Florida traffic – this might take a while, at times.

Pinecrest is a natural paradise - as most of the residents adore the outdoors, with its warm weather all year round. The locals enjoy walking and biking around their streets that are consistently neat while appreciating all the lush plants, shady green trees, and huge, elegant mansions around them. These houses have well-manicured and breathtaking gardens so it is not surprising that locals take time to appreciate and be in awe with them.

For Pinecrest, art is a lifestyle and the local government promotes it. There are street murals bringing quirks and colors to most of the neighborhood’s ambiance. There are also remarkable stainless-steel sculptures done by a local artist. 
Community events and festivals are celebrated with Pinecrest Gardens as the venue for most. There are concerts throughout the year and some events draw people over, like the Pinecrest Fine Arts Festival. 
In general, these events keep the high vibrancy of arts and culture in Pinecrest as well as strengthen the ties among the locals and residents of the community. 

Dining and Shopping Options

There are many dining and shopping options around the neighborhood. One top favorite destination is the Miracle Mile at the Coral Gables nearby. This European-themed shopping complex is lined with restaurants, cafes, and side street eateries that are attractive and well-lighted. There are also a host of galleries, boutiques, bookstores, and high-end fashion retail outlets. Another high-end shopping center with dining choices is just a few minutes away from Pinecrest, the Shops at Merrick Park.

There are other go-to places like the Pinecrest Town Center for your daily regular errands as well as The Falls where you can experience outdoor shopping mall pleasures amidst a lush tropical landscape backdrop. 

Pinecrest Gardens & Parks for Leisure and more

Ah, Pinecrest Gardens – this has been known as the ‘crown diamond’ among all the parks here. It is the community’s heart and soul. Some would refer to it as South Florida’s Cultural Arts Park. It serves as the center of community activities as it features over a thousand varieties of tropical exotic trees and plants. There are also natural streams, caves, and sinkholes. What else? You can do summer camps, too, and there are regular family-friendly movie nights here. It also serves as the fitting venue for the most anticipated local events like the weekly Farmers Market and the yearly Pinecrest Fine Arts Festival. Pinecrest Gardens is heaven for the kids – with its splash n play, a petting zoo, and of course, a playground keeping them thrilled to no end. Indeed, this park is the center of the community where locals and residents gather to enjoy, celebrate and have fun.

Thus, you can say that both locals and residents of Pinecrest lead a very active outdoor kind of lifestyle.

You might be interested in other parks at Pinecrest:

Evelyn Greer Park - This is not only a park but one where there’s a community facility offering workshops, classes, and birthday parties. 

Coral Pine Park – A lovely park with an all-purpose field, a lot for tots, tennis courts, a recreation center, and a nature area. 

Flagler Grove Park — This is a facility covering a playground and soccer fields with ample parking. 

Suniland Park — If you’re after sports facilities such as basketball courts, football and baseball fields, plus a recreation center and a WIFI spot in a gazebo – all these are here. 

Veterans Wayside Park — Enjoy this park with a striking lake and some spacious recreation areas.

Matheson Hammock Park – Pinecrest locals and residents usually go here for their stunning beach. It is truly a tranquil sanctuary away from the crowd and perfect for families. You can also do biking and nature trails winding through the park if you’re up for it. Many would usually spend their whole day here – just lounging and enjoying the breathtaking views and warm, refreshing breeze. 

Now, isn’t this a good reason to stay and live in this neighborhood? The parks are many, you can be certain that your leisure time will be worth it. 

Real Estate and Homes in Pinecrest

If you’re looking at the most luxurious mansions, you can see several of these at Pinecrest. Truth be told, most of the real estate properties here are massive dwellings built on sprawling lands, although this is balanced out by the availability of some modest properties. There are impressive wide-ranging architectural styles, from neo-colonial to the Mediterranean as a common observation.

Many villages here are walled and gated communities. Among the many, popular and prestigious ones are the Arabesque where 18 specially-designed homes provide gorgeous landscaping, while the Arboretum Estates feature 12 unique homes with private pools and gourmet kitchens. Pretty cool!

Here’s more: There’s this French Village of stunning townhomes reminiscent of villas. These exquisite homes are furnished elegantly with beautifully-designed and arched windows, elevators, and marble floors. 

Now that you’ve seen how beautiful, safe, and peaceful Pinecrest is, are you interested to move or live here? There are modern and quality condominiums and houses for sale or rent at Pinecrest. Check out our inventory for details below. 


Address Price Bedrooms Bathrooms Sqft Price/sqft
8600 SW 67th Ave # 902, Pinecrest FL 33156 $215K 1 1 740 $291
8950 SW 69th Ct # 305, Pinecrest FL 33156 $225K 1 1 800 $281
6711 N Kendall Dr # 512, Pinecrest FL 33156 $233K 1 1 710 $328
9055 SW 73rd Ct # 303, Pinecrest FL 33156 $265K 1 1 890 $298
8600 SW 67th Ave # 926, Pinecrest FL 33156 $284K 2 2 960 $296
8600 SW 67th Ave # 922, Pinecrest FL 33156 $285K 2 2 960 $297
9066 SW 73rd Ct # 1909, Pinecrest FL 33156 $380K 2 2 1,467 $259
9066 SW 73rd Ct # 2106, Pinecrest FL 33156 $395K 2 2 1,350 $293
9066 SW 73rd Ct # 1206, Pinecrest FL 33156 $407K 2 2 1,350 $301
9055 SW 73rd Ct # 1706, Pinecrest FL 33156 $410K 3 2 1,350 $304
9066 SW 73 Ct # 2601, Pinecrest FL 33156 $550K 2 2 1,429 $385
7588 SW 102nd St # 203, Pinecrest FL 33156 $725K 4 2 1,864 $389
12955 SW 83rd Ct, Pinecrest FL 33156 $885K 3 2 2,761 $321
7121 SW 92 ST, Pinecrest FL 33156 $899K 3 2 2,068 $435
7300 SW 116th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $899K 3 2 1,761 $511
6710 SW 88th Ter # 6710, Pinecrest FL 33156 $949K 4 3 3,336 $284
12900 SW 82nd Ct, Pinecrest FL 33156 $949K 3 2 2,098 $452
8251 SW 134th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $999K 4 3 2,286 $437
12820 SW 80th Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $1000K 4 2 1,936 $517
8040 SW 132nd St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $1.2M 4 2 1,530 $783
7020 SW 94th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $1.2M 4 2 1,986 $604
7945 SW 135th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $1.2M 4 3 3,148 $381
13155 SW 74th Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $1.2M 4 3 2,276 $527
8140 SW 132 St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $1.3M 5 4 3,016 $439
7820 SW 134th Ter, Pinecrest FL 33156 $1.3M 5 3 2,778 $477
8045 SW 128th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $1.4M 3 3 1,781 $786
7270 SW 113th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $1.5M 4 3 2,803 $533
7331 SW 116th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $1.6M 4 3 2,227 $696
7770 SW 134th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $1.6M 5 3 3,248 $492
7360 SW 133rd Ter, Pinecrest FL 33156 $1.7M 4 3 3,549 $479
10120 SW 75 Pl, Pinecrest FL 33156 $1.9M 6 6 4,838 $382
5775 SW 128th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $1.9M 5 4 3,564 $526
12820 SW 81st Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $2.0M 5 6 4,598 $433
9340 SW 72nd Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $2.2M 3 2 2,113 $1,055
12501 SW 72nd Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $2.3M 3 3 2,610 $877
6990 SW 90th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $2.4M 5 4 4,172 $574
8940 SW 65th Ct, Pinecrest FL 33156 $2.5M 4 2 2,139 $1,169
13400 SW 66th Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $2.6M 6 3 5,248 $491
10800 SW 67th Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $2.7M 6 6 5,174 $520
6105 SW 135th Ter, Pinecrest FL 33156 $2.9M 6 3 4,144 $694
9801 SW 73rd Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $2.9M 5 3 3,096 $937
11570 SW 72nd Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $3.0M 5 4 3,176 $929
11120 SW 78th Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $3.0M 5 6 0 $0
6487 SW 92nd St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $3.0M 4 4 3,850 $779
11130 SW 78th Ct, Pinecrest FL 33156 $3.2M 5 4 0 $0
11650 SW 70th Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $3.2M 5 5 4,291 $746
11000 SW 69th Ct, Pinecrest FL 33156 $3.2M 6 5 8,030 $399
5865 SW 102nd St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $3.4M 4 2 0 $0
12600 Old Cutler Rd, Pinecrest FL 33156 $3.4M 6 4 5,911 $575
8920 SW 61st Ct, Pinecrest FL 33156 $3.5M 6 5 5,234 $659
6080 SW 104 ST, Pinecrest FL 33156 $3.9M 7 6 8,551 $456
8045 SW 128th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $3.9M 6 6 0 $0
9226 SW 67th Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $4.5M 5 7 7,060 $636
13180 Old Cutler Rd, Pinecrest FL 33156 $4.5M 6 7 0 $0
11907 SW 70th Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $4.7M 6 7 0 $0
7901 SW 120th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $4.8M 5 6 1,733 $2,741
6699 SW 92nd St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $4.8M 5 6 5,113 $939
6190 SW 114th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $4.9M 7 8 6,503 $753
12625 SW 78th Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $5.0M 6 6 6,288 $794
5950 SW 104th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $5.0M 7 7 6,477 $772
6710 SW 120th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $5.0M 7 6 9,179 $545
6401 SW 107th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $5.1M 7 8 7,147 $714
8800 SW 63rd Ct, Pinecrest FL 33156 $5.2M 6 5 6,891 $758
11200 SW 69th Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $5.2M 6 6 5,896 $890
5820 SW 91st St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $5.5M 6 6 7,796 $705
5946 SW 108th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $5.5M 7 6 5,448 $1,010
10900 SW 62nd Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $5.6M 6 8 8,585 $652
7850 SW 128th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $5.6M 6 6 5,479 $1,022
6430 Chapman Field Dr, Pinecrest FL 33156 $5.8M 6 6 6,555 $885
6790 SW 104th St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $6.0M 7 7 6,679 $891
11600 SW 64th Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $6.0M 8 9 8,206 $728
6595 SW 102nd St, Pinecrest FL 33156 $6.0M 6 6 6,879 $869
9490 SW 67th Ave, Pinecrest FL 33156 $6.2M 7 7 0 $0
5845 SW 129th Ter, Pinecrest FL 33156 $6.2M 6 7 6,355 $983
6285 Old Cutler Road, Pinecrest FL 33156 $6.2M 6 7 7,141 $875
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