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Coconut Grove

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Coconut Grove, Miami

Miami, FL
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Price Range
$585K - $6.9M
Avg. SQFT Price
SF Range
720 - 4,438 SF
2 - 5
Avg. Dom
84 days
Year Built
1937 - 2023


Yes, you must have heard it a few or several times. With Biscayne Bay as a fitting backdrop, there lies this warm and refreshing community, Coconut Grove. In this neighborhood, you will see a lot of green spaces around. Some must-visit landmarks include the Barnacle Historic State Park with the oldest house of the community. Or go to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens where the Baroque-designed Italian villas stand apart beautifully. At the waterfront, you can see the colorful sailboats docked under the bright sun. Perhaps, you may want to drop by any of its quaint cafés by a sidewalk or just walk through and dine in one of its lovely restaurants by a street corner. 
A perfect place for a balanced work-life environment, even while at the heart of Miami. This small, unique town provides comfort to downtown’s daily grind and pressures. Coconut Grove has modern conveniences to offer: supermarkets, banks, hospitals, schools, parks, and business centers. If you are looking for that dream home or a second home for you and your loved ones, this is a must-see on your list.
Coconut Grove is the oldest neighborhood in Miami but it is certainly one of the best places to live in the whole of Florida. Truly, a feat – this impressive town has reaped these accolades so far in being the BEST:
Number 2 in 25 Neighborhoods in Raising a Family in Miami;
Number 2 of 25 Diverse Neighborhoods in Miami;
Number 3 of 25 Best Neighborhoods to Live in the entire Miami. 
Interested? You may want to look for Coconut Grove houses for sale or properties for rent right here at Coconut Grove. 


Coconut Grove is situated in the south of Miami’s downtown and the beaches. This community has scattered lush greeneries around and stunning shorelines that dominate the Biscayne Bay. With a few influences from the past, it has subsequently transformed into a distinct neighborhood as what it is today. Part of the charm of this oldest neighborhood in Miami is the heritage it has brought from its relatively rich history. Pretty interesting! 
Today for most in Miami, when they say “The Grove,” it means the Coconut Grove. The incredible natural grandeur, relaxed pace, and picturesque ambiance with modern conveniences all make this place ideal for young single professionals, starting and growing families, and even retirees. 
The best of both worlds - that’s Coconut Grove for you! 

Culture, Demographics & Lifestyle 

Coconut Grove’s key attraction is primarily on its housing options, but what sets it apart from the rest is its relaxing, laidback environment. The community is filled with galleries, specialty shops, and boutiques plus award-winning restaurants. The neighborhood has quiet, bike-friendly roads and sidewalks. With perfect weather almost year-round, it is typical to see locals walking to the park or coffee shop after work or on weekends. There are regular town activities, too, like movie nights, farmers’ markets, and street festivals so most locals enjoy their free time outdoors.
There is a mixed set of locals with different cultures here which is good. The average median income is quite high suggesting that Coconut Grove is considered an upscale neighborhood in Florida. Their unemployment rate is comparatively low vs. the state’s average. The education and health services industries are where the locals are mostly employed in. More than half of the total population are professional degree holders, so you can say that residents here are educated rather than eclectic. Their public schools are highly rated, too. Most homes are owned by singles, couples, but families are not unusual, too. This area takes pride in its elegant architecture which includes old-fashioned bungalows, grand Spanish-inspired estates and mansions, and present-day modern and trendy condominiums. 
Coconut Grove is truly a sanctuary for people with diverse cultures, ages, lifestyles, and backgrounds. 
Everyone is welcome here! 

Infrastructure & Developments

Coconut Grove has upcoming infrastructure developments you should watch out. On the pipeline for developers are projects for modern city trends like the plazas for pedestrians, rain gardens, rail, and bus transport hubs, and multi-story residences near workplaces. The development is called the Grove Central, touted as the biggest landmark for multi-use property in entire South Florida. The plan is to have a more accessible hub which will aid public transport and commute as well as push for relaxed walking among the locals. Infrastructure work has begun about 2 years ago. With this plan, Coconut Grove is moving forward with a lifestyle amenity that is readily anticipated by many. This will open up more housing opportunities for the employed, accessible transit systems, and ultimately - a sustainable, flourishing community. 
So, this is what the future looks like for Coconut Grove or The Grove? Now, who’s excited? 
Do you want to be part of these new developments? Want to live or move in at Coconut Grove? Just check our inventory of houses for sale and houses for rent for details. 

Coconut Grove Units For Sale

Status Bedrooms
Address Price DOM Beds Baths SQFT $/SQFT
3000 Bird Avenue # 2b, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $585,000 22 2 1 965 $606
3102 Bird Ave # 3102, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $675,000 4 2 1 1,141 $592
3850 Charles Ter, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $849,000 44 3 2 720 $1,179
3530 S Douglas Rd, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $849,000 21 3 2 1,080 $786
3585 Franklin Ave, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $850,000 223 3 1 1,363 $624
3 Grove Isle Dr # C807, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $950,000 120 2 2 1,882 $505
2791 Kirk St, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $1,399,000 53 3 2 775 $1,805
2926 Bird Avenue # 2, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $1,500,000 213 3 3 0 $∞
2 Grove Isle Dr # B607, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $1,500,000 45 2 2 1,882 $797
3350 SW 27th Ave # 1106, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $1,599,990 58 2 2 2,028 $789
3894 Main Hwy, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $1,950,000 8 3 2 1,760 $1,108
3400 SW 27th Ave # 1904, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $2,150,000 59 2 2 1,581 $1,360
4140 Lybyer, Coconut Grove, FL 33133 $2,200,000 57 2 1 1,253 $1,756
3350 SW 27th Ave # 1502, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $2,495,000 79 3 3 2,227 $1,120
4150 Loquat Ave, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $2,685,000 253 3 2 1,232 $2,179
84 Shore Dr W, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $2,725,000 74 4 3 3,090 $882
3081 Mary Street # 0, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $2,795,000 6 4 4 2,953 $946
2320 Tigertail Ave, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $3,999,990 155 5 5 4,275 $936
1660 W Glencoe St # 101, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $4,950,000 31 4 4 3,812 $1,299
3350 SW 27th Ave # 2201, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $4,990,000 39 3 4 4,438 $1,124
3921 Hardie Ave, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $5,500,000 80 3 2 1,702 $3,231
1830 Opechee Dr, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $5,518,800 132 5 5 3,672 $1,503
3821 El Prado Blvd, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $5,600,000 133 4 4 3,467 $1,615
1660 W Glencoe St # 302, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $5,950,000 63 3 3 3,444 $1,728
2811 S Bayshore Dr. # 8D, Coconut Grove FL 33133 $6,900,000 135 3 3 2,917 $2,365

Coconut Grove Real Estate Market Trends

Average List Price
The average list price of homes in Coconut Grove, was $2,846,631 in April 2023, compared to $2,396,700 in April 2022.


Coconut Grove, Miami

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