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Bentley Residences

18401 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160, United States

Sunny Isles Beach, FL


One exciting brand partnership in the real estate industry in South Florida is happening soon, this time with Bentley Motors. Make way for the Bentley Residences at Sunny Isles Beach. With this development, Bentley Motors will create something powerful, inspiring, and iconic in this area. This property will be the real game-changer in luxurious living. Experience the hallmark of residing in a uniquely-designed tower that surely will be the talk of the town. Bentley Residences’ construction will begin in early 2023, and completion is expected in 2026.
Bentley Residences is a 60-story cylindrical tower condominium on a 3.6-acre property. At 749 feet, it is considered the tallest building ever to be built on a beachfront in the US. The property will offer more than 200 luxury residences, including world-class amenities. The condo unit sizes range from 3,500 sq. ft. to 9,000 sq. ft. The core of this building is the patented car elevator, with an in-unit multi-car garage that will be exclusive.
Even more impressive is that residents will have stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterways.
The team responsible for the Bentley Residences is the same team responsible for some of the world's most luxurious branded residences, like the Porsche Design Tower and The Residences by Armani/Casa. The developer is Gil Dezer and his group, while the world-renowned Sieger Suarez Architects takes care of the building’s architecture. Expect the excellent design and quality in its residences, just like their older masterpieces are. With this team at the helm, you will see the Bentley kind of philosophy come to life while staying true to their vision of creating innovative spaces to inspire and shine out.
Bentley Residences’ design is to embrace new inspired spaces while working together perfectly with the surroundings. The modern and forward-looking brand identity of Bentley Residences will be evident in both its interior and outdoor areas and its innovation, sustainability, and authenticity. This goal is what Bentley Motors is after. So, how is that for a property to live in or consider an investment?
Bentley Residences Waterfront View
Another remarkable attribute of this development is its focus on luxury living with entirely sustainable materials and finishes. The developers and builders designed the tower following the Florida Green Building (FLGC) certification. It adheres to environmental regulations to protect the local environment and lessen the impact on local wildlife, such as ensuring the endangered sea turtles are safe and reducing energy consumption.
How notable that a building like Bentley Residences at Sunny Isles Beach has its innovative design, superior features, amenities like no other, and is environmentally friendly, too - all in one package?
It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you shouldn't miss.


Bentley Residences has a strategic location at Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach. It is at the heart of South Florida and quite accessible from many points. The residents have shopping centers and restaurants they can reach within a few steps. The Miami International Airport is easily accessible, just a 40-minute drive if one travels by car. Another landmark, the American Airlines Arena, is only 50 minutes away. The Fort Lauderdale International Airport is a 30-minute trip. Sunny Isles Beach is a favorite cruise stop for a beach holiday since it is between the ports in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.
Collins Avenue is the part of the neighborhood where you can find good options for dining and shopping. There are cafes, bars, and restaurants offering all types of cuisine. Everyone's cravings will be satisfied with the various choices you will find within your community.
Bentley Residences Location

Innovative Design with Luxurious Features & Amenities

What will strike your attention at Bentley Residences is the presence of triangular-shaped windows. The developers noted that this would be a replacement feature of the building. When the plans for this property were being conceptualized, this is what came first to the developers' minds. So, they did it – initially with a mock-up for a premium cost to check if it would work out. These windows would be the sole attribute that will make a statement for Bentley Residences. It will be a precious gem, a diamond, that people can see from Cuba when the sun hits on it. It is a stunning creation as no one cares much about the building's exteriors. But when people know you are a resident of Bentley Residences – they would know that this is where you live, where the diamonds are sparkling bright. There are diamond-shaped signature visual items where "fifty percent of the building" has reflective silver.
Get that- it will be a moment where you feel honored and proud to be a part of an iconic building.
Next in the impressive line-up of Bentley Residences Tower's features is the car elevator exclusively for your fancy car or cars inside the unit for parking. Each residence has a multi-car garage (through one of the building's car elevators = total 4). So, residents need not worry as they can securely store their vehicles in their own homes.
The notion of the car elevator is to bring up the idea that you have the same key to both your car and your residence. It also gives one the concept of a house in the sky. You don't have to alight from your vehicle to pass through an elevator to get into your home. Park your car, and you're right at the entrance of your unit. Pretty cool, isn’t it?!
Of course, this is not an entirely new feature. Still, this patented car elevator is a well-appointed feature that any car fanatic will be excited to have in his home.
Because of their cylindrical form, all residences have expansive and stunning ocean and bay views via their floor-to-ceiling windows.
All residences have seamless indoor and outdoor living floor lay-outs. In addition, all homes have an exclusive indoor and outdoor terrace, sauna, open pool, and outdoor showers.
Beautifully landscaped and private shared gardens are your everyday sight to promote a sense of peace and calmness.
Bentley Residences Private Gardens
All these features now make you visualize the luxurious and comfortable lifestyle you will be having right here at Bentley Residences. In addition, these offerings speak well of ultimate privacy and exclusivity.
Kindly check the list below for the rest of the luxurious amenities that Bentley Residences have for you.
If you want to be part of this extraordinary property - check out the unit you want to live in or invest in a second home. The choice at Bentley Residences is worthy of that major decision, a fulfillment of a dream perhaps of having a luxurious, unique residence you can call your own.

Bentley Residences apartments For Sale and For Rent

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Bentley Residences Documents

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18401 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160, United States

Property Information

• Patented Car Elevators;
• Private in-unit multi-car garage;
• Landscaped gardens;
• Pool;
• Pool Cabanas;
• Spa;
• Fitness Center;
• Theater;
• Restaurant Bar and Lounge;
• Whisky Bar.

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